Matthew’s attention to detail in defining the product features and bringing together the various streams of work ... was extraordinary.... It was great working with him and his level headed approach in such a challenging environment.
Peter Kumaschow
... His work was detailed and of the highest calibre enabling our team to achieve its desired outcome. In addition, Matthew was very much a team player and worked extremely well with entire engineering team. I would recommend Matthew to any employer and would happily work with him again.
Paul Glavich
He is truely invested in creating products that customers love and the business is proud of.... Matthew has an attention to detail that is second to none and loves a challenge that would stretch most people out of their comfort zone. His clear communications skills, strategic approach and agile methodologies are an essential element to any project. I whole heartedly recommend Matthew for any role that he seeks to pursue.
Leah Maclean
He was always willing to move out of his comfort zone and take on new challenges. I found Matthew to be incredibly knowledgeable across a broad range of areas and his work was always of an exceptionally high standard. His calm and measured demeanor was a great fit for the team.
Michael Barnett

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